Ex air-cooled chiller
BMFLS - Explosion-proof modular air-cooled cold (hot) water unit

Brief introduction:

● The BMFLS-explosion-proof modular air-cooled cold (hot) water unit can be used in hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations classified by GB3836.14.

●Applicable to the locations of explosive gas mixtures in the oil, chemical, military, power, marine and other industries that have the following classifications in accordance with GB3836.1: IIA, IIB, and IIC and temperature groups T1 to T4 under normal working conditions; As an explosion-proof fan coil, reactor and other end equipment or industrial process cold (heat) source host.

Product details

● The combination is flexible. According to different cooling requirements, various modular units can be combined in any combination, with good scalability and adaptability.

● The use of imported brands of scroll compressors, expansion valves and other refrigeration components provide excellent performance and reliability.

● Energy-efficient, accurate temperature control, multi-level energy regulation, and multi-level and comprehensive safety protection.

● Compact module structure, simple lifting, small size, light weight, and space-saving.

● Each module unit is used for backup. The failure of one module unit does not affect the operation of other module units. The two systems of the same module unit are independent of each other, one set of refrigeration system is faulty, and the other set of refrigeration systems can still operate stably, which can realize non-stop maintenance of the unit.

● The design and manufacturing safety of the explosion-proof structure of the air conditioner is perfectly combined with the functionality. The components adopt various forms of explosion-proof structures. The explosion-proof structure of the whole machine is composed of composite components.

● Has a variety of safety protection measures to ensure the normal operation of air conditioners;

●The heat exchanger adopts aluminum thread fins with inner thread copper tube and hydrophilic membrane.

Options under different operating conditions:

● remote control;

Shell material: stainless steel (S304 or S316L);

● Heat exchangers: female copper sleeve copper fins;

Refrigerant: R22, R410A, R407C;

● heat exchanger plus spray anti-corrosion coating;

● Marine standards are manufactured according to DNV, ABS;

● Provide solutions for special requirements products.